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The past few years, I have spent many mornings under a blanket with a cup of tea in my hands, watching these beautiful romantic stories. There is something about them that just lifts my spirits and inspires me.

Perhaps this site will help enthusiatic newcomers to more easily find what they are looking for! I have often reached a point where I thought there were no more period dramas left to watch, but so far I always manage to find just one more...


05 December 2009

Oscar Wilde: Lady Windermere's Fan

Lady Windermere's Fan 1925
with Ronald Colman and May McAvoy

Lady Windermere's Fan 1985
with Helena Little and Tim Woodward


Erin said...

Love the site :)

I believe that 2004's "A Good Woman" with Helen Hunt is a straight telling of Lady Windemere, however they do change the period to the 30s. Wasn't sure if you intentionally didn't include it.


Dimsy said...

Thank you Erin!! :D

I have been conciously firm when it comes to these kind of questions, not adding adaptations that have changed the story somehow, for instance there is no "Bridget Jones" under Pride and Prejudice :)

The example you made is a little different though, and I will look into it. :) Thank you!!

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